Photo Gallery - 2006 Beschen-Callahan Races:

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Ready for Doubles Row
IMAGE 1-1:

Pre-race, the North Wildwood race boat sits along the shore line prior to start of the doubles row.

IMAGE 1-2:

Bill Auty in lime green hat representing the North Wildwood Beach Patrol

Singles Row
IMAGE 1-3:

Mike Regan rowing through the waves at the start of the singles row.

Race Monitors
IMAGE 1-4:

Members of the North Wildwood Beach Patrol as hosts of the Beschen-Callahan Races are responsible for staking out the races and crowd control.

Singles Row Launch
IMAGE 1-5:

Members of North Wildwood Beach Patrol's singles row team race to push the boat out beyond the waves.

Singles Crash
IMAGE 1-6:

North Wildwood's single boat crashes into Sea Isle City's boat as they come into shore.