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Hall Rental Information

General Public For Private Affairs

Fee to Rent Hall
Use of Kitchen Facilities (additional)
Security Deposit


Active Fire Fighters for Private Affairs

Exempt HBFD Member
Active HBFD Member
Security Deposit


Note The security deposit contains a non-refunable amount of $75.00 held for payment of a designated active member to be present during the event. The hall rental is for a maximum of 5 Hours. The hall will be cleaned and released by 12 noon the following day. In the event the hall is determined to be in unsatisfactory condition by the designated member the entire security deposit shall be forfeited.

PROOF OF INSURANCE NECESSARY FOR RENTAL OF HALL  See attached contract for information. (Please note that your homeowners insurance may cover the use of the hall. Contact your agent for additional information. Under no circumstances shall the hall be rented without a properly executed contract. This includes members of the HBFD.

In order for members to qualify for the active member rate the use of the hall must be limited to themselves, spouse, son, daughter, mother or father. Use of the hall for any other reason by any other person shall be treated as a rental to the general public for private affairs.

To use the hall for anything other than a private event (i.e., Wedding Reception, Christening, Birthday Party, etc.) or if any social organizations want to use the hall to hold an event, the use of the hall is subject to approval on the floor at a regular monthly meeting.

NO USE OF THE HALL will be considered by the Hall Committee, which is not made more than 14 days prior to the event. This allows verification of insurance, scheduling of a member in charge, as well as proper execution of contracts.

The Official Calendar is held by the Hall Committee and will be kept current by the Chairman of the Committee at all times.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in renting the hall or who is making general inquiries. Please obtain their name, address and date needed. The committee will send them a letter via mail providing them with all details - DO NOT give out committee phone numbers for them to call.

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